The temperament, the energy of the whole country is injected into this amazing singer.Born as Valentine Choga, the Zimdancehall artist

His extra ordinary energy energy levels brought him to limelight 9 years later “Van” Choga is a chilled person contrary to what people think about him.Being identified by his energy,funky hairstyles, torn out attires,scruffy sets most people have identified him as “crazy” and Dj Mbale asked how he feels about it and he responded that “My style, my art portrays me,it’s the reflection of me, my reality @ others who can relate. I can not borrow clothes for a video shoot and later turn out in rags, No”, for him it’s about reality. However this had caused his love not to flourish since not girls couldn’t not cope up with his “art” and he seems unbothered as he is focused on his music.

In the interview Van Choga expresses his deepest gratitude to Seh Calaz who understood his art and took him in “Yala Nation” for he is now mubhanditi.Seh Calaz through his social media posted about him and endorsing his art on a wider audience. Not forgetting “Pride”the guy who has believed in him ever since from the start and has been always his guiding angel (although he wants to remain unpropelled) and he wouldn’t hesitate having him as his manager.

Van Choga seems to have understood the power of social media and engagements with his fans. He engages so well with fans and has become consistent with his content so that he maintains his relevance in the industry. He is very much content with the challenges that been circulating on social media and he would want to see more of it.

Owing to his energy levels people on social media proposed that he makes uses of it and have a branded “Van Choga ” energy drink,which he opened that he would be very willing to .

Van Choga hopes his music will make a significant impact across the the globe.