The Dancehall Igwe extends his social advocacy through this captivating production. The video blends two songs, “Chiramu” and “I cry”. The video spells out the importance of owning up to wrong in a relationship and asking for forgiveness to preserve the institution of marriage. This is worthy support to the institution of family which occupies a central, unique and indispensable place in African society.

In Chiramu a man is driven to the edge of temptation by a hot, sexy seductive sister in law who is called to assist with household chores as wife departs for far away destination. Despite spirited resistance to the hot dance moves, husband eventually gives in after a combination of blackmail and pure seduction. Wife returns to collect passport she had forgotten and finds sister initiating herself into unsanctioned roles. This leads to the second song in which the husband asks for forgiveness to avert the dismantling of the family unit.

The video was directed by Angel Arts and released on 07 June 2015 by Vigilance Music.