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Zimdancehall which is a subgenre of reggae/dancehall music from Zimbabwe, started in the late ’80s with the rising up of local sound systems like A1 Sound, Startime sound which exposed mic chanters like Culture T, Allan Ranks, and Dudz (who was way ahead of his time) to ride on riddims imitating their Jamaican icons at the same time creating their own style. In the 1990s as dancehall took over with artists like Tiger, Shabba Supercat, Ninja , Papa San and a new crop of MCs began to emerge with the likes of Major E, Rassie Ai, Booker T, Smylie, Potato, Yappie Banton, Daddy Distress, Kuda Culture (brother to Culture T) dominating the sound systems. Startime Supa Power was the first sound system to push most of these artists to record their songs, starting first with dubplates the most popular being ‘Sounds of the ’90s by Major E & Booker T on Hypocrite Riddim instrumental side of Daddy Freddie & Micheal Prophet song with the same title and Rassie Ai ft Booker T ‘Svinurai/Vanofarira Startime’ on the Pepperseed Riddim. The popularity of these recordings led to more studio recordings with Major E & Booker T releasing a 7″ vinyl single of ‘Sound of the 90’s’, Yappie Banton releasing Memories and Water ina mi room. The biggest achievement was by Culture T with the band Transit Crew releasing top-selling albums and toured Europe. By the end of the 90s, a number of local youths were recording singles and albums independently and reggae bands like Cruxial Mix (Trevor Hall) and Black Rootsholding regular weekly shows to showcase various artists like Potato, Daddy Ray, Ijah son, Jnr Banton, Slaggy Yout, Bobo Markos, Desert Eagle, Sanchez and more. During the early 2000s, there were guys like Menace Dose who had some success on radio with a tune called “Vanomira Hoo”. These guys went on to record several tunes on riddims at WayOut studio with THead. It’s at WayOutRecords in Chitungwiza that early dancehall artists like Badman, Expatriot, Thembalami. King Labash and several others started releasing songs on riddims which is the same concept as Jamaica more episode comming soon 2020 zimdancehall to the worls