In this episode we have a cartoon parody Prophet Passion Java (Twabam) and Zim Dancehall artist Van Choga. The clip is entirely for humour purposes

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Tsano is a Zimbabwean Shona Comedy in Cartoon form. It began as a comic strip in late 2014 and later was part of Pajecha Series which was a collaboration between Mcpotar and King Kandoro.

Moments of Tsano is a separate animated project written and animated by blogger, rapper and 2D Animator Michael Mupotaringa who also goes by the name Mcpotar.

This episode is voiced entirely by Michael Mupotaringa (Mcpotar) who is the animator and creator of the cartoon series.

Zimbabwe is growing in animation and there are others like Nafuna TV, Kudu Comics, and Paghetto Comics just to name a few. These are other funny Shona cartoons in Zimbabwe.

unthinQ is pleased to see this and wants to make it’s own contribution to the expansion of African animation as a whole.

So any animators who come across this are welcome to reach out