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SlyMedia Tv is an online TV Channel that provides a one stop shop for various content producers that target the consumers from the Zimbabwean african community ,helping them keep in touch with one another, while geographically displaced.
This channel offers a variety of quality programs suitable for the
entire family. SlyMedia Tv is an Independent TV station designed to suit an ever expanding internet audience. We air original programmes on a video on demand channel (VOD) along with local and national client programming through individual agreements with agencies, independent distributors and programme producers.

We have state of the art broadcast streaming gear that operates like an OB VAN using four live mixing full HD Broadcast Cameras with character generator that allows us to decorates our TV Screen by inserting partners logos, banners and screen overlays, squeeze backs, titles and scrolls, scoreboards, stopwatches, Virtual Studios, real time clock and video adverts in real-time on the go to all chosen social media platform to suit different customer needs i.e. Facebook and You-Tube. TV productions services provided by experienced broadcasters, Camera Persons, Editors and Reporters


SlyMedia Tv aims to make the best use of noncommercial and commercial media and related services to enhance the quality of life in our african community by encouraging people to consider and discuss issues explore and share new ideas, and by inspiring a continued sense of worthiness and belonging.


Our mission is a movement of positive educational entertainment through online television, comedy, film music of various clean genres and Church Ministering Material that is innovative, creative, informative, fun and entertaining geared for the generation of the day and generations to come, lifting up the spirit of the downhearted. Bringing a message of hope and empowerment, cultivating the spirit of love and to inspire a new Global way of thinking.

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email: slymediastreaming@gmail.com.