Sando kuna JAH PRAYZAH Mukudzei Ishe Mukombe AKA J.P the future of Zimbabwean duet music: Some may be wondering why Jah Prayzah has managed to top and dominate the national musical chats. Yes, it’s true this guy is a musical sensation a genius without any doubt. When you listen to his music, the lyrics are full of rich mother tongue language without distortion. This has made me and the rest of Zimbabwe want to listen to his music more and more. I am not surprised why this guy has gone from strength to strength with his music. I have been listening to our Zimbabwean music for as long since I was born. He is the only singer in the history of our music to have allowed to duet with anybody. I’m mean anybody from big and small musicians.The old and the young musicians praise Jah Prayzah in Zimbabwean, he still stands out simply because of the level of duet music he produces. This is one musician who can form collaboration with any singer, I mean any singer and blend so well. That is the reason his music become a hit within a short time.When it comes to personality, he loves to see other musician grow and musicians take all it takes including doing collaboration and giving free advice just to uplift upcoming musicians. The following is the list of singers I do listen to just because of this selfless musician Baba Harare,Sebastern Goche, Andy Muridzo, Diamond, mafikizolo, Yemi alade, Chama Girl, Davido, Killer T, XQ, Tale Wedzinza, Amara Brown the list is endless. This is one musician who is selfless; I want to wish him nothing but endless success . He deserves an award not only for his music but also his strong personality. He is a musician that everyone in Zimbabwe entertainment industry will emulate. Definitely, we want all the singing duets to copy.To upcoming and renowned musicians, please copy Jah Prayzah to give glamour to the local Zimbabwe music Industry.