Pride Month is the celebration of the LGBTQA+ community all over the world. It is the celebration of what it means to be different, special and beautiful. It is a show of resilience and power. In Zimbabwe, being a part of the LGBTQA+ community puts members at risk as the constitution criminalises the act of being gay and the government openly discusses its disapproval of the community. Join us as we unpack what pride month means in a country where the rights of the LGBTQA+ are constantly being violated. We wanted everyone to know that every month should be Pride Month!

As a part of our new format we had a podcast takeover by the American Embassy in Zimbabwe and your favourite hosts were being questioned on what Pride Month means to them!

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Sponsored by The United States of America Embassy in Harare

Music: Photoshoot Perfect by Mr Rebel

Venue: The United States of America Embassy in Harare

Hosts: Thomas R Hastings

Guest: Vera Chisvo, Jordan Chanetsa

Videography: DT Productions

Motion Graphics : Pedro Designs