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KINGSTON, Jamaica— A disciplinary hearing has begun against a policeman who was present in a video that showed his colleague ‘daggering’ a woman on a police car.

Head of the Kingston Western Police Division, Superintendent Michael Phipps, told OBSERVER ONLINE that the cop was brought before the Orderly Room on Monday and is to be tried.

He said the other policeman, who was dancing with the woman, has taken sick leave since the incident and has not reported back to work as yet.

“When he returns he will go before the Orderly Room,” Superintendent Phipps said.

The cops were pointed out after the video went viral on social media, garnering mixed reactions.

The video was reportedly shot by a resident from the division. It was recorded when the cops visited what seemed to be a small gathering where music was playing.

The footage shows the two policemen alighting from the service vehicle. A woman then proceeded to stand in front of the lawman on the left side of the car and began dancing on him.

As she raised one leg and placed it on his shoulder, the officer is videoed engaging her in a dance.

At one point, the video shows the policeman, leaning her up against the service vehicle as he continued the ‘daggering’ much to the delight of curious onlookers who laughed and cheered him on.

Daggering is a form of Jamaican dance which involves a male gyrating his crotch area onto his female dance partner.